A Proof of innocence tool for Tornado Cash users

What is Sandscreener?

Sandscreener is an open source tool that allows its users to prove that cryptocurrency withdrawn from Tornado Cash is not associated with hacked or illicit funds, without revealing the source of those funds. It does this using Zero Knowledge Proofs and a combination of community managed blocklists and Soulbound tokens.

Designed for crypto users

Free your funds from Tornado Cash. Use Sandscreener to prove your innocence to third parties and uphold your privacy.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Through the use of Zero Knowledge Proofs Sandscreener is able to prove the innocence of your withdrawn funds without revealing your funding address.

Soulbound Tokens

Mint a Soulbound token to your Ethereum Address and take it to any third party to prove the innocence of your funds.

The Graph

The Sandscreener UI uses The Graph protocol to outsource blockchain data querying. Integrate easily into your project or company without having to run your own server.

Open Source

Sandscreener is completely open source software. Jump right into the Github here


Code audit coming soon

The source code will undergo an audit to ensure no issues are present and that it's safe to use.



Want to contribute? Have questions about the software?

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